C46400 Naval Brass provides a high degree of corrosion resistance to seawater at even higher than normal temperatures while also assuring greater strength and rigidity. It possesses excellent capacity for hot working and adapts well for hot forging and pressing. This naval brass also lends itself to drawing, forming, bending and heading. It is readily soldered, brazed and welded. Typical applications include nuts, bolts, rivets, valve stems, pump shafts and marine hardware. 

C46400 Naval Brass Conforms to specification ASTM B21 for rod and bar and ASTM B171 for plate.

Available from inventory:

Solid Diameter Sizes: 1/8" through 12" Outside Diameter.

Plate Sizes: 1/8" Thick to 4" Thick x 48" Wide x 144" Long saw cut from plate.

Made to Order:

Forged Discs & Ring Sizes: Up to 11-1/2 feet Outside Diameter.

Sheet & Plate Sizes: Up to 8" Thick x 118" Wide x 354" Long.


17pic.jpg (51003 bytes)Special Sizes are available Made to Order  from 1/2" (12mm) through 16" (407mm) in diameter or cross section thickness. Standard mill lengths are 12 feet (3.65mtrs) in length. Material is available cut to any length. Rectangles are available hot rolled or as cast saw cut from plate, milled or ground to within +/-.002" (.050mm) thickness.

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