C18200 RWMA Class 2 Chrome Copper is a heat treatable, corrosion resistant alloy which combines high electrical conductivity with high strength. Class II chrome copper is a superior resistance welding electrode material specifically recommended for high level production spot welding and seam welding of clean mild steels, low alloy steels, low conductivity brasses and bronzes. Typical applications include projection welding dies, seam welder shafts and bearings, flash and butt welding dies, resistance welding electrodes, spot welding tips, seam welding wheels, electrode holder jaws, cable connectors, current carrying structural members, electrical switch gears and electrical and thermal conductors requiring greater strength than copper.

Available from inventory:

Solid Diameter Sizes: 1/8" through 10-1/8" Outside Diameter.

Hexagon Sizes: 1/2" through 1-1/2" Across the Flats.

Plate Sizes: 1/8" Thick through 6" Thick.

Squares: 1/8 through 2" Square.


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